GSLYC 2016 Officers and Staff



The board meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Meetings are held at the Yacht Club at 7:00 pm. Every member is invited to attend. To be on the business agenda, please contact any of the board members.

Flag Officers


Commodore: Janet Robins 801 560-6097 / 385-336-SAIL ext:1
Vice Commodore:  Clark Forman 801-573-1911 / 385-336-SAIL ext:2
Rear Commodore:  Tiffany Jackson






Trustee 3rd year: Tim Adams 801-330-2489
Trustee 2nd year: Ryan Mazzella 805-712-1933
Trustee 2nd year: Dennis Hartley 801-560-7673
Trustee 2nd year :  Dennis Gwyther 801-856-2222 / 385-336-SAIL ext:3
Trustee 1st year: Ron Rowley  801-870-7110
Trustee 1st year:

Junior Representative:

Austin Adams To contact see Tim Adams




Race Committee

Race Chair:  Ryan Mazzella 805-712-1933

Protest Officer:

Bryant Pratt 801 262-4243
Equipment Officer:   Ryan Mazzella 805-712-1933
Race/PHRF Officer: 

A Fleet Captain:

Dave Shearer  801-209-9142
B Fleet Captain: Randy Atkin 801 979-3976 / 303-5458

C Fleet Captain:

D Fleet Captain: 

Brine Flyer Staff

Editor:   Darin Christensen 801 250-9105 / 201-9464

Other Positions

Membership:   Dennis Hartley  801-560-7673
Treasurer:  Janet Robins  801-560-6097
Sail Fest: TBA
Seminars:    Ron Rowley  801-870-7110
Junior Program:   Tim Adams  801-330-2489
Cruise Coordinator:  Dennis Gwyther 801-856-2222 / 385-336-SAIL ext:3
Socials:   As appointed
Women’s Program:   Valerie Custer 435 241-9008
Webmaster:   Darin Christensen
Dennis Gwyther
801 250-9105 / 201-9464
801-856-2222 / 385-336-SAIL ext:3

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