GSLYC 2018 Officers



The board meets on the second Tuesday of every month.  Every member is invited to attend. To be on the business agenda, please contact any of the board members.

Flag Officers


Commodore / Treasurer: Janet Robins


Vice Commodore:  Melissa Merseth







Trustee: Tim Adams 801-330-2489
Trustee: Ron Rowley 801-870-7110
Trustee / Membership Chair: Dennis Hartley 801-560-7673

Race Committee

Race Chair:  Hank Boland Jr., Hank Boland Sr., Travis Gregory (reaches all)

Protest Officer:

Brady Lofthouse

Other Positions

Sail Fest Chair TBA
Junior Chair Randy & Amy Peterson
Cruise Coordinator: Brad & Tammy Silver
Webmaster:   Travis Gregory