Racing Results

Wednesday Series

Wednesday Series Final Results:

A Fleet:  Tom Cat (21), Nine and Change (23),  Taurus (50)

B Fleet:  Hakuna (15.18), Rogue Wave (19), Charisma (21.82), Redstripe (34), Asihtos (35.40), Narragansett (37), Pleiades (52), Cthulu (59.40)

U20’s:   “Forty Two”, Hard Drive, 222, Dogonit


Uinta Cup May 2nd
Summer Regatta June 24th and 25th


Special & Offshore Races

Reynolds Offshore
Founders Cup
Utah Cup:  Congratulations to John Johnson and Tom Cat (only boat to finish!)
Members Cup

Commodores Cup:  1st: Brad Silver, True Colors;  2nd: Pleaides